MG Comet EV Car Price, Images, Colours with Pros. and Cons.

MG Comet EV is the latest launched car by MG Motors. MG Motors is a British brand that was acquired by China's car maker SAIC. It comes from India and launches its new car in 2019. The first car of MG Motors was Hector. 

Now MG Motors has it is brand new EV Comet, it is a fully loaded electric vehicle in the market with a price tag of 7,98,000 (Ex-showroom price). MG Comet EV is now the pocket-friendly electric car that is available in the Indian market.

MG Comet EV

MG Comet Battery and Range

MG Motors' new car MG Comet has battery options like the Wulling Air EV - it has a 17.3KWh prismatic cell battery that will give you a range of 230 km. This option also has an IP67-rated battery which can provide resistance to water and dust.

Battery pack & Range 17.3 kWh & 230km

MG Comet Size

It is built on the small platform of an Electric Vehicle, and it is very popular in China. This new model will come with two-seater and four-seater, this comet ev has a sufficient wheelbase,

MG Comet interior

MG Comet EV Length 2,599mm and a width of 1,505mm, also features a long-wheelbase variant with a length of 2,974mm and a width of 1,631mm.

MG Comet EV Price

If we come to the price so the price of mg comet is 7,98,000 (Ex-showroom) which makes it the cheapest evehicle in India. This car has direct competition with the Tata Tiago EV and Citroen ce3.

Test Drive and Booking

Let's come to test drive this amazing electric car from the Indian market, you can get the test drive anytime, the company officially told at the time of launching that the test drive will start from 27 April and bookings will accept after the 15th May.

MG Comet Safety Rating and Crash Test

According to MG Motors, they have done 39 stringent safety tests on Comet EVs. And some of them are mentioned below:

  • Vibration Test
  • Thermal Diffusion
  • Fire test
  • Over-charging protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Accident test
  • Salt mist test
  • Over-discharging test
  • IP67 test
  • High altitude
  • test Drop test
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Temperature shock-test
  • Simulated vehicle crash test
  • Temperature change test
  • Flip test
  • Seawater immersion test
  • Crush test
  • Mechanical shock test
  • Exposure to fire

MG Comet Charging Cost

This electric car is not only the cheapest electric car in its price but it is also one of the cheapest charging cost cars in India. This car charges only Rs 519 to cover a distance of 1000 km.

If you want to know more about the evehicles and the mg comet EV then you can also download the brochure of it that is provided by MG Motors and don't forget to share this valuable info with your friends and family members. 

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