What is an Augmented Product and How Does it Work with Examples?

An augmented product is a product that has been enhanced or enhanced by the manufacturer by adding additional features, benefits, or services to support and increase the value of the original product. Product manufacturers use this method to differentiate their products from their competitors and provide valuable benefits to their customers.

Starbucks is best known for its outstanding coffee and roastery force, but the definitive Starbucks experience does not stop there. As the brand itself says," further than just coffee," Starbucks offers a wide range of enhanced products, including free WiFi access, a  comforting atmosphere, great music, charging sockets, and comfortable chesterfield cabinetwork.   In fact,  guests do not always buy coffee, the company's flagship product, just to visit a  near Starbucks to enjoy the gratuities.

Augmented Product

Augmented Product Is?

An Augmented product is an enhanced functional immolation that helps define the perceived value of a product, good, or service. These advanced features may come in the form of reduction offers, product guarantees, refunds, free shipping, free samples, etc.

Simply put, it's the profit entered by the client that adds value to the purchase. illustration A  client bought a laptop and also got a free laptop carrying case. This" add-on" is not rigorously necessary for the laptop's core mileage, but it helps the client to fluently transport the laptop, further adding the value to the purchase. 

How Does an Augmented Product Work?

Product enhancements can be made by adding various add-ons to the actual product. These potential add-ons or benefits are detailed below.


The most common, popular, and expected extension is a simple product warranty, which goes a long way in instilling confidence in consumers. This is a simple promise that the product will perform as expected for a period of time. Popular devices usually come with this add-on, which customers love.


A large purchase with free shipping really brightens a customer's day. Again, the free shipping advantage is a very common advanced product strategy used by most businesses – especially popular in consumer-oriented industries. Some retailers also offer this benefit if your purchase exceeds a certain amount.

Free Installation

For electronic or technical products, a professional installation quote is a great complement. Even his one-time installation by an expert can contribute to the optimal functioning of the product.

Regular updates 

Products that keep up with the latest market trends are always preferred by users. Therefore, regular software updates, especially for digital products, go a long way in providing a great customer experience.

Free Trial Period 

Any product that may prove to be a financial commitment should have a free trial period so that users can test it first and ensure it meets their requirements. It also applies to general scaling strategies.

Free Samples

Who doesn't like free samples? For physical products in general, most customers are already loyal to their favorite brands. In this case, it may be difficult to get users to switch to your product. We can give you that first boost by offering a free sample.

Augmented Products Example?

Businesses can improve their customers' buying experience by offering innovative products. Here are some examples that illustrate the same.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is the best example of this product. Apple's core product is its iconic smartphone, but it adds different features from other market players. This includes features like iCloud, 3D Touch and Face ID to create a unique experience for your customers.

Discounts and Freebies

A discount coupon for future purchases is both a product upgrade and a refund offer if the customer is dissatisfied. The free recipe book that comes with the purchase of a kitchen gadget like the crockpot creates a fortified product.

More expensive purchases often come with improved augmentation. Store financing for furniture purchases, free trials or free delivery completes the product range. Cable companies competing for new businesses may offer more convenient home installation schedules to attract customers.

Augmented Product Types

Brand name: A brand image is the best type that differentiates a company from its competitors. For example, if a customer has to choose jeans from Zara and ripped jeans from a smaller, newer brand, they are more likely to choose Zara. Brand name plays a very important role in augmenting products.

Product Warranty: This offer generally applies to electronics and daily-use gadgets. Companies have used this product extension to reassure buyers that their products are of high quality and do able to promise to resolve any issues according to the stated warranty terms.

Free Shipping: Brands across industries take advantage of this offer. For example, food delivery applications and restaurant chains offer free delivery when the consumer purchases more than a particular value.

Installation and Configuration: Companies may offer to provide free technician services to install or configure their products. 

Updates: Companies ought to constantly replace their present merchandise to pleasure and marvel their users. For example, Apple is continuously updating present iPhone fashions in phrases of shape, size, color, software program updates, digital digicam quality, and more.

Refunds: Businesses also can assist construct agreements with client loyalty with the aid of using providing a `refund option' if clients aren't happy with their buy.

Free Samples: Cosmetics shops frequently provide loose samples above a positive buy amount, including fees to clients' purchases.

Businesses also can use this approach to provide loose samples of newly released merchandise along with huge product purchases to draw shoppers' interest and growth sales. growth.

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