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Email promotion and marketing is a valuable way to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. No matter the size or scope of your business. To get the most out of email marketing, you need to execute your marketing campaigns well.

This includes sending emails at the right time and crafting engaging texts. This text explains how to determine quality dates and times to send promotional emails. Plus, design your ideal schedule for your exact target audience. Let's take a look at when is the best time for email marketing.

What is the best time to send an email in email marketing?

Best Time and Day to Send an Email - Anstuydes

Answering this query requires understanding the behavior of your target market. It consists of understanding while you are most likely to arouse their interest and motivate them to take the step you want.

All mailing lists contain many people with specific human habits and routines. These vary greatly depending on the target market. The timing of sending promotional emails to clothing savings and real estate companies is always the same.

For example, an e-mail list for a children's toy company contains a collection of mothers who stay home and care for their children all day long. Many of them may find it easiest to check their email in the evenings or on weekends. So sending an email at 9am on Tuesday probably doesn't make much sense.

If your mentoring firm's roster consists of young professionals who are always available to email on weekday mornings, then the 9:00 AM email is ideal.

You should study the persona of your target market. You'll find it easy to find the perfect time and date to send your email. Years of trial and error have taught us how to create the best email schedule for your business.

What are the best times to send emails?

However, if the message doesn't reach the customer at the right time, you can send the email on the right day, but that won't do you any good. Here are some case studies to give you a glimpse of when it's a good time to send email ads.


Learn best practices in many regions, including list building and timing of marketing campaigns. Omnisend analyzed over 2 billion email ad campaigns sent to use the platform.

Overwhelmingly, the company found the promotional emails sent during business hours to be superior.

  • The 8am email resulted in an all-time high 20.32% open rate and a high 7.79% click-through rate.
  • The 10:00 AM email also had a number of open offers, but a narrower range of orders than other instances.
  • 1pm ran strong but didn't dominate on the exact metrics. It can be a great opportunity to send an email
  • 4pm had the highest order rate. At 5pm he had too many click-through citations in his 4,444 emails.
  • This could mean that while people tend to open their email in the morning, they may not have the time or desire to make a purchase until later in the day. Instead, we recommend sending emails at the same time that your customers have time to read them. This will be around noon and before/after painting. Avoiding the hours between 7pm and 7am may be sufficient.

Sendin blue

Research by Sendinblue revealed that there are two exact times when emails are sent: 10am and 3pm-4pm.

These times may not be unexpected. By 10am, most people are already at work, checking their email inboxes and looking through unread messages.

Between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, these people have probably finished their lunch or are preparing to leave the painting soon. They decided to check their emails one more time before work for the day was over.

Sendinblue also found that click-through rates were high until 6:00 pm and sometimes until 7:00 pm. During this time, people either commute by train or bus, or are already at home checking their emails.

Sendinblue analyzes results for the best times to send email across industries.

  • Online Retail: 8am-10am
  • Expert Services (B2B): 8am-10am
  • Nonprofits: 3pm-4pm


Intercom has analyzed the information very well to find the best instances to send emails to their B2B target market. They found that email open rates were highest for all email types between 10am and 11am.

It becomes an experience. Many of us first check our inboxes to prioritize, then analyze and reply to personal emails as the morning progresses.

Facts Intercom also led us to the following conclusions.

  • If you want to learn quickly, please submit before peak business hours.
  • Timing for in-app messages isn't as critical as traditional email. You can send it anytime during business hours. Between 10am and 2pm is considered high quality.
  • keys to take home.
  • You should use this study as a starting point and use your own statistics to validate your selection.

Customers seem to open their emails most often in the morning, but emails in the afternoon can also help you achieve your exact desires. Sometimes it makes sense to send an email in the afternoon or evening when you are checking your email before.

It's time to try. Strive to send your emails at exclusive times to help determine when open offers, click pricing, and conversions are best for your business.


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